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We received more than 400 entries from around the world, and you voted for the 6 final travellers who embarked on this adventure and represent their country on Caledonian Dream Season 2. Check out these 6 remarkable Caledodreamers from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, France and Germany, and follow their exceptional road trip in New Caledonia!


  • Sarah DIAWARA


    • Hyperactive
    • Athletic
    • Spontaneous

    If dreaming one's life in colors is the secret of happiness, it will be complete in New Caledonia. Between turquoise blue, intense green, I already imagine myself strolling, with the aim of discovering the best that I can, smiling and marvelling at every corner of this paradise.

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  • Daniela BRUNNER


    • Crazy
    • Fitness
    • Cola Zero addict

    I am looking forward to dive deep into the beauty of New Caledonia to see the breathtaking nature of this island, experience the culture, have a great time with people all over the world. . . and of course, share the impressions with you!

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  • Alexander MCALPINE

    New Zealand

    • Easy-going
    • Travel
    • Eating pizza

    I would love to explore the hidden treasures and the rich culture new caledonia has to offer! From racing in a pirogue, to diving in its crystal waters, to tasting fine cuisine!

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  • Iris


    • Travel
    • Business woman
    • Try new things

    I enjoy the different ways of travelling, I was touched by the heart-shaped mangroves, I am looking forward to being whisked away by New Caledonia.

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  • Dylan HARE


    • Adventurous
    • Mixed Martial Arts
    • Watching romantic films

    I’m a bloke from the bush and my name is Dylan Hare, I’m always up for a laugh and a good old dare.

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  • Hirokaze NAKAO


    • Sportive
    • Persevering
    • Nature lover

    Due to an incident beyond our control, Hirokaze was unable to participate in the filming of this Caldonian Dream season 2.