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Season 1


Between adrenaline, fits of the giggles and encounters, relive Season 1 of Caledonian Dream alongside Dario (Italy), Marion (France), Monique (Australia), Linda (New Zealand), Ayako (Japan), and Ethan (China). Discover the surprise activities and the highlights of each day, in 8 video episodes.

Meet the travellers

Daily episode

Day 1

Their Caledonian Dream has begun!

Our 6 globetrotters came from all 4 corners of the earth and once in New Caledonia, headed to Bourail in central Grande Terre, for the first stage of their adventure, which kicked off with an amazing night at the 5 * Sheraton Deva Resort & Spa.

Day 2

In Bourail, between the lagoon and the mountains

As seen from a glass-bottom boat, diving near the coral reef, or from the hills surrounding the Domaine de Deva, the lagoon is a truly enticing sight, made even more magical at sunset with an incredible performance from Gulaan.

Day 3

Wild Wild West at Bourail and Moindou!

It's hard to leave Bourail when every stage of the journey evokes the very best of the Bush: Turtle Bay in the shade of tall and lofty pines, livestock farms with the cattle returning home or the land around Fort Teremba with its stockmen style horse riding.

Day 4

Ouvéa, a striking filter-free blue

The adventure continues on Ouvéa Isand with a dive in Kanak country's legendary lagoon. It's sheer magic: the colours, traditions, sharks, cliffs, beaches...

Day 5

Nouméa, fun capital with a French flavour!

It's time to discover the capital, Nouméa, a blend of the Oceanian and French ways of life with extra fun thrown in for good measure. There's plenty to do here, from visiting museums to jet-skiing off to the nearby islands or lingering over your walk along the beach as you party in the many bars and night clubs.

Day 6

An intense day out in Nouméa

You really need more than one day in Nouméa to appreciate it in all its diversity. For that you first of all need to sample its produce (visit the market and go to a cooking class), sit down with some of the locals over a glass of something nice (Garden Party) and explore the nearby attractions (the zip line at Mount Mou).

Day 7

The Isle of Pines, gateway to heaven...

After a weekend in Nouméa, where the nights were as action-packed at the day, our 6 Caledodreamers set off on a new adventure. For two days they’ll be exploring the Isle of Pines, jewel of south New Caledonia, also known as the pearl of the Pacific.

Day 8

Isle of Pines, Kanak’s spectacular bays

The second day on the Isle of Pines saw our Caledodreamers meeting the Kuniés, the island's native inhabitants. On the menu: sampling a bougna, a weaving workshop, a tour of the island and sundowners in Kuto to wrap up the day!

Day 9

Adrenaline and emotions climax in the Great South

On the last day, not a speck of the rock can be missed! The Caledodreamers go from tip to tip, exploring Blue River Park in the Great South, mountain biking and kayaking before a “farewell” meal.

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Caledonian Dream Season 1 (2018)

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