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Season 2


On Caledonian Dream Season 2, our 5 global travellers immerse themselves in unique experiences, full of thrills and excitement, warm encounters and surprising discoveries. Follow their adventure day after day, in this brand-new online series.


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Daily episode

Day 1

Caledonian Dream… Let’s Go!

As soon as they board the Aircalin plane, the Caledodreamers already feel like they're in New Caledonia. The group's enthusiasm is catching and begins to spread as soon as the rhythm of Kaneka greets them. But the journey will not wait, and to their surprise, the travelers see the lagoon retreat into the distance as they climb towards the green mountains of Farino.

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Flying on the new Aircalin airplanes

Being welcomed to the rhythm of Kaneka

Relax in the heart of nature in Farino

Stay connected everywhere

Day 2

On the trail in the Farino forest

The adventure begins at full throttle with an early morning mountain bike ride at the Parc des Grandes Fougères. A rush of sensations in the forest, which is followed by a first challenge involving THE local specialty: a tasting of huge live worms. Fortunately, the spa at their lodge at sunset lets them recover from the emotional shock.

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Explore the Parc des Grandes Fougères by electric mountain bike

Dare to eat a bancoule worm

Let yourself be guided along the roads of New Caledonia

Day 3

Relaxing day at Domaine de Deva

In Bourail, the group descends to the beach, starting with the path that runs along the cliffs of Roche Percée and its famous stone man. Then, the crash of the waves gives way to the peaceful beaches of Poé and Deva which house a magnificent 5-star hotel. Meals with your feet in the sand, massages/spa, cocktails at sunset, canopy beds… this is luxury!

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Climb the 3 bays path

Playing the stars at the Deva Sheraton

Enjoy a luxurious massage in the West Coast

Day 4

Leaving Bourail by the ocean...

Bourail, the pearl of the West Coast, is difficult for our adventurers to leave. It is impossible to resist the Sheraton's delicious breakfast buffet, the urge for a last paddle ride in its lagoon, and exploring the mysteries of the mangroves… But the road to Koné, the capital of the North, is long.

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Paddle in the lagoon at dawn

Lunch at the Roche Percée surf camp

Explore the mangrove forest along the Nera

Enjoy a concert in the provincial seat of the North

Day 5

Koné-Hienghène: The North…from the Top !

In the morning, Dylan and Sarah fly to the famous Coeur de Voh. Then, the whole group climbs the summits to cross the mountain range from east to west, headed to Hienghène. Once there, you still have to climb higher to fully appreciate the breathtaking panoramas of black rocks amid lush vegetation.

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Flying over the Heart of Voh in a gyrocopter

Take the Koné-Tiwaka and make a stop at Pombei Falls

Hike to the viewpoint at Ga Wivaek pass

Watch the ballet of giant coconut trees at Koulnoué Village

Day 6

Back to basics in Hienghène

The adventurers are eager to explore the wonderful natural environment that surrounds them. By kayak, they follow the sound, which laps at the feet of the gigantic Linderalique rocks. Later, the Corniche road leads them to the fantastic Tao Waterfall after passing by the astonishing Ouaième ferry… then back to Koné for an overnight.

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Following the Lindéralique rocks by kayak

Take the Route de La Corniche between lagoon and mountain

Bathing at the foot of the Tao waterfall

Resting at La Néa hotel

Day 7

A change of scenery, from La Brousse to Nouméa and Lifou

Just after leaving the north to fly to Nouméa, the Caledodreamers are surprised to have to cut short their pleasant brunch and shopping session at Anse Vata. They fly at once to Lifou: one of the Loyalty Islands, renowned for its warm and authentic tribal welcome as well as for its magnificent, unspoiled beaches.

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Brunch with a sea view in Nouméa

Island hopping with Air Calédonie

Relaxing in the seclusion of Peng Beach

Be welcomed into an authentic Kanak tribe

Day 8

A memorable dive in the Lifou Lagoon

After their first night in a hut, the Caledodreamers went on to visit the tribes of northern Lifou! A first stroll in the forest led them to Kiki Beach, small, secluded and simply heavenly. Then they went diving at the foot of the Jokin cliffs, where they were thrilled to discover thousands of colourful fish and corals.

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Exploring secluded Kiki Beach

Diving at the foot of the Jokin cliffs

Lazing around with friends at Kiamu Oasis

Day 9

In Nouméa, it's time for some city life and fun!

After an enthralling experience of Kanak life in Lifou, the Caledodreamers are back in Nouméa for a day of idleness and luxury at the Le Méridien hotel. After that, they get ready to enjoy the Nouméan nightlife. The destination is L'Endroit The Rooftop for a memorable aperitif against a backdrop of the sunset over Lemon Bay!

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Relaxing in a 5 * hotel in Nouméa

Enjoying the variety of a spa

Exploring the nightlife along Nouméa’s bays

Day 10

Nouméa: heavenly islets within easy reach

When the Caledodreamers wake up to learn that they'll be going by catamaran to visit the capital's islets, they can barely contain themselves! The excitement continues into the afternoon, with an ultra-fun initiation to Kanak dances in traditional costumes, and then at night with a waterside party.

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Sail on a catamaran to the islets of Nouméa

Introduction to Kanak dancing at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre

All-night partying on Duck Island

Day 11

Happy End in New Caledonia

This is the last day, but we can't possibly leave without visiting one of  Nouméa's must-see sights: the Amédée Lighthouse. This islet boasts a nature reserve and a historic monument, so it offers plenty of memorable and unusual activities. To wind up, before the tears of the final farewell, the Caledodreamers enjoy one last meal together, reliving their best memories of this wonderful adventure in New Caledonia!

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Ascent to the top of the Amédée Lighthouse

Enjoy French food at Chai de l'Hippodrome

11-day road trip in New Cal

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