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On Caledonian Dream Season 2, our 6 global travellers will discover unique experiences that will get their heart racing with emotions. And you can be part of it too, by following their adventure day after day, in a brand-new online series.


Daily episode

Day 1

Caledonian Dream… Let’s Go!

As soon as they board the Aircalin plane, the Caledodreamers already feel like they're in New Caledonia. The group's enthusiasm is catching and begins to spread as soon as the rhythm of Kaneka greets them. But the journey will not wait, and to their surprise, the travelers see the lagoon retreat into the distance as they climb towards the green mountains of Farino.

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Enjoy French food at Chai de l'Hippodrome

Ascent to the top of the Amédée Lighthouse

Day 2

On the trail in the Farino forest

The adventure begins at full throttle with an early morning mountain bike ride at the Parc des Grandes Fougères. A rush of sensations in the forest, which is followed by a first challenge involving THE local specialty: a tasting of huge live worms. Fortunately, the spa at their lodge at sunset lets them recover from the emotional shock.

Check out today's experiences

All-night partying on Duck Island

Introduction to Kanak dancing at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre