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Caledonian Dream

Web travel series in New Caledonia

Caledonian Dream offered travellers from all over the world the chance to win an unforgettable 10-day road trip in New Caledonia. Now it is time to follow their adventures : Immerse yourself in the ancient Kanak traditions, hike in the tropical forests, experience the nightlife of Nouméa or simply chill on idyllic beaches... Available on, youtube and on our Facebook page.

Watch season 1

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Season 2 broadcast - 20 April 2020

caledodreamers winners
caledodreamers winners

Next April, watch the full episodes of Caledonian Dream season 2 (11 videos) and dive into the heart of New Cal's landscapes, through the eyes and emotions of the crew. Our five Caledondreamers will feel the pulse of New Caledonia along their surprising experiences between traditions, relaxation and adrenaline!


Call for applications - 1 to 9 august 2019 (closed)

Adventure-seekers from France, Australia, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, or China need to complete the online application form and send us a video about themselves by 21 July 2019 (Australia) and 09 August 2019 (NZ). Candidates must hold a valid passport from any of these countries, speak English, be over the age of 18 (at the time of entry) and most importantly: have a sense of adventure!


Public vote - 15 to 29 August (Over)

5 finalists will be selected per country based on their creativity and public vote will decide who will participate in Caledonian Dream 2019 and represent each country. If you’re one of the finalists, talk to your friends, neighbours, colleagues, family and get them to vote for you!


Announcement of the winners - 10 September 2019 (closed)

The final 6 travellers from France, Australia, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, and China will be revealed on 10 September! They will get packing while we get ready to follow their adventure online (glass of French wine in hand).


The Road Trip - 29 October to 8 November 2019 (closed)

Time for our Caledo-dreamers to set off on an unforgettable 10-day road trip full of surprises, as we follow them on their trip and document their journey in a unique web series for the world to see in 2020!