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Ascent to the top of the Amédée Lighthouse

It only takes about forty minutes by boat to reach the Amédée islet from Port Moselle in Nouméa. After a musical welcome, travellers can then choose from a wide range of activities organized by the excursionist: 56m ascent of the lighthouse (dating from 1865) for a breath-taking, 360 ° view of the lagoon and the whole island, discovering the marine flora and fauna in a glass-bottom boat, all-you-can-eat buffet, Tahitian dance show, coconut tree climb and tasting, snorkelling with turtles… An out-of-this-world glimpse into Paradise!

“Pity about the 247 steps needed to reach the summit. The panoramic view at the top of the lighthouse is incredible and we were even able, with our naked eye, to see a group of baby sharks and turtles.”