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Bathing at the foot of the Tao waterfall

You can't pass up visiting the Tao Waterfall, one of the most beautiful jewels of the East Coast! You can get there by taking the north road after the Ouaième ferry, stopping just after the Oua Pandième bridge and paying 200 F/person to the tribal representative onsite. The group enjoys each viewpoint during the half-hour forest walk along the river to the foot of the waterfall. The spectacle of these more-than-200-meter-high falls is awe-inspiring. In this idyllis, wild setting, everyone can choose to swim in the large pools, sunbathe on hot stones, picnic with a baguette sandwich and get a massage with plenty of water.

"Tao is probably the most beautiful waterfall I've seen in my entire life! Even though I come from New Zealand, where there is no shortage of them.”

Alexander MCALPINE

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