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Be welcomed into an authentic Kanak tribe

Lifou, the largest and most populated of the Loyalty Islands, is renowned for the warm and friendly welcome of its tribes. Where better to learn about the richness of Kanak traditions, not from hearsay, but directly from the people themselves? On the advice of Destination Îles Loyauté, the Islands' tourist office, the Caledodreamers decide to visit “Chez Waka ” where, after a coutume ceremony to thank their hosts for their hospitality, they are invited to taste a bougna. Sated by this traditional dish (made with tubers in coconut milk stewed in banana leaves), it's time to go to sleep in one of their traditional huts for an unusual and memorable night!

“Our welcome by the tribe was a very intense experience on a human level. The coutume ceremony, the sharing of bougna and the surprise of sleeping all together in the same hut both deeply touched and disoriented me.”