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Brunch with a sea view in Nouméa

At any time of the day, passers-by along the bays of Nouméa can take the opportunity to do a little shopping and enjoy a drink. The Caledodreamers were no exception to the rule and stopped to buy some souvenirs and partake of brunch in the La Promenade complex at Anse Vata. Then followed a cappuccino, some fresh fruit juice, salmon, bacon, scrambled eggs, buttered baguette and pastries… winding up with a stroll on the beach; everyone was able to experience the capital's life style and recharge their energies for the adventures still to come.

“It was really great to have a French brunch with a real baguette and croissants, overlooking the bays of Nouméa. A dramatic and modern change of mood between the bushland and the islands!”