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Climb the 3 bays path

To discover one of the most essential sites on the West Coast, the Caledodreamers opt for a spectacular 1.5 hour hike on the side of the cliffs. From the beach of the Roche Percée (the most accessible surf spot in the area), the group climbs to dominate the famous Bourail man: a giant of stone facing the incessant crash of the waves. The descent in the shade of huge columnar pines towards the Bay of Turtles is even more beautiful and the adventurers cannot resist the urge to immortalize this moment. Finally, with its eagle’s nest and its small deserted beach, the Baie des Amoureux concludes the ride in a more wild and mysterious atmosphere, out of sight.

“La Roche Percée is aptly named since we could see the tunnel that joins two beaches. […] From the cliff, I also could see a boat carrying surfers to the reef pass… My next spot?”

Dylan HARE

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