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Dare to eat a bancoule worm

It is impossible to leave the Farino region without tasting the local specialty, the "bancoule worm." This enormous worm (8 cm long by 2 cm in diameter), which digs tunnels in the trunks of candelnut trees before changing into a beetle, has a festival dedicated to it every September. Once it has gorged itself on grated coconut, you can grill it and eat it… But for the Caledodreamers, it will be eaten raw and alive! A real challenge for our adventurers, who discover what their entree is with amazement. While some dare not even touch it, Dylan, Alexander, and Sarah swallow 2 worms quickly. In the end, for Dylan, who wins the challenge, the slight taste of coconut oil is not so bad.

"When I opened the casserole dish, it was a shock! Seeing these enormous, juicy worms wriggle around was disgusting, and I couldn't eat them. That's why I was so impressed to see Dylan gobble them up in seconds.”