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Enjoy a concert in the provincial seat of the North

As soon as you arrive in Koné, the”big city” in the northern part of Grande Terre, the Hotel Hibiscus stands out as a haven of relaxation full of charm. The Caledodreamers immediately appreciate its beautifully maintained gardens, its swimming pool adjoining the bar/restaurant and its yoga classes. Yet something seems to disturb the tranquility of the place... That same evening, the group has the excellent surprise of attending a concert by local star Gulaan and Belgian singer Typh Barrow. A magnificent duo that almost makes you forget an excellent gourmet dinner that had perfectly mixed local flavors and French cuisine.

“I immediately wanted to dive into the swimming pool at the Hibiscus Hotel. I love its quiet, little, Asian-inspired garden, and I'm sure I'm going to sleep like a baby here.”


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