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Flying on the new Aircalin airplanes

Since July, the Caledonian airline Aircalin has given itself a makeover and increased its comfort with new A330 Neo aircraft and stylized uniforms in the country's colors. For the Caledodreamers, who were warmly welcomed by the cabin crew, there is no doubt their New Caledonian immersion begins now! The colors of the cabins, the flight attendants' sense of service, the selection of films available on the screens, the quality of the dinner, the lagoon that becomes visible through the window... You can immediately feel the French and Oceanian influences. For Daniela and Sarah, seated side by side on the nine-hour flight between Tokyo and Noumea, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other.

“We were the first to board the plane, and the teams were very welcoming. Everything was new, and I really appreciated the large size of the screens. Hibiscus class is really cool…”


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