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Let yourself be guided along the roads of New Caledonia

With an area of 18,500 km2 (more than twice the size of Corsica), New Caledonia is much larger than you think! To discover all its secrets and explore it safely during this long road trip, the ideal is to be guided by a real pro. For the Caledodreamers of this 2nd season, it was Emilien from New Cal Outdoors who shared his good humor and his knowledge of the destination as driver of the “Caledovan.” Never short of anecdotes, the specialist in tailor-made guided tours knew how to share the hidden treasures of the country like no other.

“Emilien, our traveling companion — our driver and guide — is a bon vivant with whom I loved to travel. He really knows his country and doesn't hesitate to share it. I guarantee there'll be a lively atmosphere in the van!”


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