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Lunch at the Roche Percée surf camp

Halfway between Roche Percée beach and the Nera river, the Nekweta Fish & Surf Camp is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Caledonian lunch and explore the Bourail coastline. Under the big tiki hut of this holiday cottage in the middle of a beautiful wooded garden, the Caledodreamers gobble up their delicious fresh fish quiche because they are eager to tackle the challenge of the day: assegai throwing. Properly handling this long spear (used for fishing by Kanaks) so as to hit coconuts ten meters away is not easy for our adventurers. Except for Sarah and Dylan, who bring out their warrior spirits and hit the bullseye!

“The lodgings were great, but I'm sad I didn't hit that damn coconut with in the spear throwing. I was close, but it was Sarah who hit it in the end, and won a flyover of the Heart of Voh…”


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