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Paddle in the lagoon at dawn

In the early morning, the Bourail lagoon is simply magnificent and full of life: green turtles, Manta rays, corals… For the Caledodreamers, it's incredible to have this huge beach and lagoon, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, all to themselves! They don't hesitate for a second to jump into the water on the stand-up paddleboards and kayaks of the Deva Sheraton. While at first, the”bromance” between Dylan and Alexander in a candy pink kayak amused the group a lot, 100 m offshore, in the midst of the incredible turquoise water, it is now time for contemplation.

“Despite my lack of experience with stand-up paddleboards, we all rowed on the lagoon this morning. I did not want to miss the opportunity to reach the beautiful translucent water, and in the end, I had a lot of fun.”


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