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Playing the stars at the Deva Sheraton

Passing the portal of the Domaine de Deva, the Caledodreamers discover a vast natural reserve between  lagoon  turquoise and valley on the hillside. This is where a sumptuous  5 star resort is hidden. Barely arrived in the huge wooden hall that serves as a reception, travelers are greeted with great pomp. While being served a drink, the luggage is taken directly in a cart to their luxurious bungalows by the sea. Lunch at a restaurant with their feet in the sand hits the nail on the head, just like the delicious cocktails to sip at sunset in the sofas on the beach. A golf course, hammam, giant swimming pool, buffet… the suite looks promising.

“Feel the sand between your toes while eating a huge Caesar salad, swim in a pool facing the lagoon, hesitate between a sauna or a hammam, sleep in a large four-poster bed... I felt like a king at the Sheraton!”

Dylan HARE

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