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Resting at La Néa hotel

After a very intense day on the East Coast and a lot of road travel, the Caledodreamers really need to relax during their stopover in the provincial seat of the North. To do so, the group sets down their suitcases at La Néa, a very practical 3-star hotel halfway between the village of Koné and its aerodrome. The hotel bar serves as an aperitif gathering point for travelers, who have been debating their respective favorite experiences since the start of the adventure. Then spirits calm at the La Néa restaurant during a tasty French dinner (roasted duck breast, swan-shaped profiteroles, red wine, and more) before the dreamers return to their bungalows for a good night's sleep.

“Between the accumulated fatigue, the cocktails, and the friendly atmosphere of the place, we had a good laugh at the La Néa bar.”