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Take the Route de La Corniche between lagoon and mountain

The winding Route de La Corniche, which goes from Hienghène to Pouebo, is without question the most beautiful in the country, and by taking it, the Caledodreamers pass from one wonder to another. From the start, the panoramic view of the gigantic Poule de Hienghène makes everyone see eye to eye. Then, they cross the river on the famous Ouaième ferry, which tickles everyone's fancy just like the colorful counters along the road in the tribal lands. Finally, the beautiful waterfalls (including Tao and Colnett) follow one after another, and each time the adventures cross small bridges at the river mouths, from which they gain an unobstructed view of the lagoon and the green mountains.

"It's the perfect route for a road trip! Driving along the coast, the view of the many surrounding islands is magnificent and the ferry crossing is really unique.”

Alexander MCALPINE

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