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Season 1 winners

There were more than 1,600 applicants from all around the world who signed up for Caledonian Dream. Check out the six participants from season 1, from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, France and Italy, who all had the chance to come to New Caledonia in 2019 to take part in an exceptional road trip!

6 happy winners from 6 countries!

  • Monique CECCATO


    • Influencer
    • Quirky
    • Beach obsessed

    "I am obsessed with sea, so I would love nothing more than snorkelling the UNESCO world heritage site at Duck Island!"

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  • Ethan LI


    • Photographer
    • Barista
    • Avocado fan

    "I want to experience the New Caledonian activities, culture and food, and to make new friends from different countries."

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  • Marion DAGOT


    • Blogger
    • Curious
    • Volunteer

    "I dream of flying over the islands, exploring the heart of Voh, swimming with turtles and manta, and discovering the Kanak culture."

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  • Dario SPADA


    • Radio speaker
    • Adventurer
    • Music lover

    "I would like to take a pirogue on Isle of Pines, to swim in the pristine waters at Luengoni, and to dive at Amédée island to see the coral reef."

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  • Ayako KOZONO


    • Globetrotter
    • Big eater
    • Starry sky addict

    "I can't wait to swim in crystal clear waters under blue sky, taste the local cuisine and share all the beauties of the archipelago."

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    New Zealand

    • Business owner
    • Positive
    • Piña colada addict

    "Sailing around the lagoon's islands, enjoying the local cuisine, spending time with locals, and horse-riding through the countryside."

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